Great Lakes Video Services

Film Transfer Services

Great Lakes Video has been transferring film to video and DVD for over 29 years. All work is done on site and includes the following:

*FREE grain reduction and color correction, flicker-free transfer.
*FREE splicing and cleaning (if required)
*FREE removal of all leaders, splices, dark spots, flashes.
*FREE customized opening menu.
*FREE archival backup DVD of your film.

8mm/Super 8mm Silent film .25 cents per foot
16mm film with or without sound .25 cents per foot

Add ons:
You can add titles, music, or customized chapters to your DVD. Please call for more information.

*Films that are upside down or backwards will have to be respooled and may require an additional fee. To get an idea of how much film you have to transfer, please call our studio for a free estimate.

Video Transfer Services

The safest way to preserve your precious family memories or corporate history is to back up your media to a digital format. Videotape does not last forever.

The simple act of watching, rewinding or fast forwarding can cause a breakdown of the magnetic particles on the surface of your videotape, and certain adverse conditions (such as temperature fluctuations and moisture) can accelerate this process.

The simplest way to prevent the loss of your video is to have a digital backup made of any media you deem irreplaceable. We recommend DVD for this purpose. We work with all formats: 8mm video, Mini DV video, VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS and Digital 8. All video to DVD transfers include careful monitoring, removal of blank or tv spots, and custom packaging.

$20.00 per tape


Not all video to DVD service companies are created equal! Many of them will NOT trim blank spots, make adjustments or skip television programs recorded on family video masters. Make sure yours is providing you with a carefully monitored, high quality transfer on premium media --media should be treated to withstand smudging, scratching and moisture.

Audio Transfer Services

From your vinyl record, audiocassette or reel to reel originals.

Just as with videotape, audio masters degrade over time. To preserve your audio memories, we recommend our digital audio transfer service. All standard projects include:

1. Loading the project via a sound board into the computer while we adjust treble, bass, audio channels and levels.

2. Applying noise reduction, hiss reduction and crackle/pop eliminators.

3. Trimming of dead or blank spots and applying fade ins and outs if needed.

4. Track separation for vinyl records or professional audio cassettes.

Starting at $40 per CD

Slide and Photo Transfer Services

The safest way to preserve your family memories or corporate history is to preserve your media digitally. Get your media backed up onto convenient CD or DVD and you will be able to treasure those memories for years to come.

Slides Archived to CD as still images (300 dpi)

The perfect option if you want your media archived and backed up as digital still images to email, produce your own slide show, or easily provide copies to family members. Images are scanned, color corrected, cropped and saved as .jpg images. Free dust and scratch removal included.

1 - 25 slides - $2.00 each
26 - 50 slides - $1.00 each
51 - 200 slides - $.75 each
201 - 500 slides - $.67 each
501 + - $.62 each

Photos Archived to CD as still images (300 dpi)

Photos can be any size up to 8 1/2 x 11. Images are scanned, color corrected, cropped and saved as individual .jpgs. Free dust and scratch removal included.

1 - 25 photos - $2.00 each
26 - 50 photos - $1.00 each
51 - 100 photos - $.75 each
101 - 200 photos - $.50 each
201 + - $.42 each

You must purchase a media master for your scans. CD Masters are $12.95 each, USB Drive
Masters are $15.00 each.

Slide/Photo Montage (Slide Show) on DVD

Your photos and slides become a first class production when we edit them with transitions, titles, and music onto convenient DVD. Perfect for anniversaries, family get-togethers and holidays.
$2.00 each plus $29.95 per DVD Master
Includes 5 free titles for each 100 images.

NOTE: Slides must be loose or in carousels. Photos must be removed from books or albums and non-mounted. Number all materials in the order in which you want them to appear on the CD or DVD. Metal slide holders and plastic slide covers must be removed prior to placing your order. Additional handling fees will apply to slides or photos which are in metal or plastic covers.

If you prefer, we can also scan materials to your provided USB drive.

There is no additional charge to group photos or slides into specific folders on your master, provided groups are labelled n advance (example: Slides 1969-1973).